YOU Could be King!

Brother, I need for you to do better than good!

Work hard at home, school, trust God & disengage from the hood,

I need you to pull your pants up a little, No, you don’t have to be lame,

But look like the somebody that you are! Don’t play the White man’s game.

He thinks you’re ignorant and incompetent, but I know that you’re not,

Everything it takes to be great, trust me, you’ve got!

He thinks you’d rather bust a gun and spend the rest of your life up-state,

I know you have the potential to be a King legend, nothing but GREAT!

A modern-day Frederick Douglas, they can have Bill Gates.

Money is good, but it’s your mind that pays!!

That’s why the White man goes great lengths to inject your psyche with things,

Drug money, Fast cars, Gold watches, diamond rings.

Doing whatever he can to distract you from your dreams,

But be smarter, go harder, and YOU COULD BE KING!


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