When Daddy’s Gone

When daddy is gone things are harder for you. I understand cause Ma can’t do what daddy do. She don’t talk like Daddy, or understand what you’re going through.

She yells a lot more cause she’s got things she’s stressed about, Daddy’s gone now, there’s no one to help out. You don’t play ball no more, cause Daddy’s not around.

You’re distant now, emotionally unstable, Daddy was like super-man, he made you feel able. The small soul that used to light up, like a Christmas tree, Seems a bit detached, a lot different than you used to be.

You think you’re alone, or at least you feel that way. Daddy gets 15 minutes and you both have so much to say. That one phone call from Daddy, is the highlight of your day. You don’t really understand why they sent Daddy away.

You don’t feel like the you that you’ve always known. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know something is wrong. You keep askin Ma, “When is Daddy coming home!?”.

She can’t bare to look you in your small face and lie. So she tells you ask Daddy & then smiles so not to cry. She knows the days are getting long and you’re growing impatient. But Mama’s a Queen, there’s no doubt, ya’ll gone make it. And though it’s harder now, than it was before, hang tight, be strong. Cause your Ma & God is all you got, When Daddy’s gone. . .

6 thoughts on “When Daddy’s Gone

  1. Cindale Bush says:

    Omg! This just made me cry. Our situation is different put I understand where you are coming from. Jer’Zai still ask to talk to her daddy. I have to come up with different ways she can talk to him. I’m running out of them. I hope things work out for the better for you and King. 😘😘


    • TheKingsDaughter says:

      Man, it gets so hard! But by the grace of God we are all going to make it through whatever comes our way! Sending love & light to both of you ladies : ) – -Thank you so much, I appreciate the comment!


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