Things My Mother Gave Me

I had an opportunity to speak with my mother for an extended amount of time today. While talking to her, I began to consider the number of times I hurt her feelings, turned a deaf ear to her words and pushed her away. She spoke with such love, sincerity and pride. I kept thinking to myself, My Mommy loves ME! How many times have you told yourself that? Say it, MY MOMMY LOVES ME! I’ve always believed that, but today it seemed to just feel really, really good saying it and understanding what it means to love another person unconditionally, wholesomely and unapologetically. Now that I’m a mother I understand how much my mother gave me.

GAVE- (the past tense of give) – to freely transfer the possession of something to someone

How much she sacrificed for the sake of my well-being, my advancement, my opportunities. She’s given me life, love, attention, affection, consistency, encouragement, support, advice, time, choices. She gave me a slender figure, pretty brown skin, high cheek-bones. My mother gave me knowledge, freedom of thought, freedom of interests, freedom to love & share my gifts with the world. She nurtured me, cared for me when I was sick, missed work for dentist appointments. She gave me class, lady lessons.  She gave me high esteem, Queen intentions & inspired me to be a great, Black woman, by any means necessary. She gave me strength, the ability and courage to articulate my thoughts and feelings, she gave me heart. My mother gave me everything good that God gave her.

I’m left asking myself now, what have I given my mother? I’ve pondered for weeks, only left with the truth that the very things I appreciate my mother for giving me, time, attention, affection, consistency and choice, I’ve failed to give her. I’ve failed to honor her in the way that I should. I love my mom, beyond life & death. She owes me nothing more than she’s given, but I, I owe her so much more than a short-term visit and money. I owe her laughter, happiness, time, and the ability to enjoy in the life that I live, which is the life that she gave up so much, for me to have.

I thought about the things my mother gave me and I couldn’t find a single thing that she denied me. My mother gave me everything, every single thing she had-If it was good for me or beneficial for me, she gave it to me! She often tells me that I’m a gift to her, that she appreciates the daughter I am, I am working to show her that everything she adores about me, I accepted and inherited, from HER!

So now I ask you two questions:

  1. what did your mother give you?
  2. what have you given your mother?

2 thoughts on “Things My Mother Gave Me

  1. Simone says:

    1. My mom gave me herself – she is my biggest fan. She encourages and lifts me up. Those kind words go a long way and I am grateful for them.
    2. I give my mother peace of mind. She knows when both her and my dad are old and gray I will be there. They are staying at my house lol 🙂
    I admire her more each day.

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