Baby, No Baby … Yet!

There have been a few pregnancy scares for my students this year. It’s tough because I remember finding out I was pregnant like it was yesterday. . . April 1, 2008. The scare doesn’t ever really go away either. You’re growing up, but you’re not grown. I don’t wish a teenage pregnancy for any young girl. It’s difficult. Not just becoming a mother, but everything between the positive pregnancy test & giving birth & every single day thereafter. The emotional roller-coaster, the societal shame, the constant battle between hating yourself, and loving what’s growing inside of you, or not!

If I can share a few things with those of you who are considering becoming a Mother it would be the following:

  • If you’re sexually active, use a condom. Not just to avoid pregnancy, but to protect your body. You only get ONE!
  • Respect your body!! That means you ought to only be sharing it if the person you’re sharing it with respects YOU!
  • If you have a baby now, you risk so much more than disappointing those that love you. Consider your health, your body, and your life as you know it.
  • Being a teenage mother doesn’t make you bad & it doesn’t make you good.
  • If you’re having a baby because you love him, than you do not love yourself, enough.
  • If your parents don’t know you’re sexually active, you’re not ready to have a child.
  • If you think you’re in love and having a child is the next step, you do not know what love really is.
  • The friends that are planning to “help” you, will always make decisions for themselves first (college, parties, jobs, academics, opportunities). You will be the only one responsible for ALWAYS putting your baby first.

The list is endless. I’d be happy to share more (email me if this is a discussion you’d like to have in private, or comment if not)! There is so much more to life at your age, and you don’t even know it yet. Consider working and using your money for YOU! Driving your first car, college, living on campus, dating, partying, graduating, marrying the guy you fell in love with as an adult, working your dream job, treating yourself to vacations and the finer things and becoming a better you every, single day! This is possible with a child, but it’s whole lot easier without one, trust me – I know!

6 thoughts on “Baby, No Baby … Yet!

  1. God's Child says:

    Always remember to lead by example… It’s awesome that you’ve learned from your teenage pregnancy and what’s even better is you’ve been forgiven if you asked for it… But now comes reconciliation… Removing the sin for a relationship with you and the Lord! This cannot be done with a condom or sharing your body with someone who is not your husband… The truth shall set you free know the Gospel share the Gospel… Encourage our beautiful queens to be in the world but not of the world… Wait on the Lord, everything is always so much better when you do 😘


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      • Pops says:

        Good job DR. LOWSKI! You continue to be Encouraged and let GOD use You just how He has and will continue to do so. It is all about the Great Grace of GOD and not the face of man. We all must remember that we have not arrived, and that the only one who is Perfect that walked this earth was Jesus. We must be real, relevant, and continue to have a balance just like You did in this post sharing Your testimony about Your own personal experiences. We can’t be so heavenly minded that we’re no earthly good; we have to be able to relate. With Love and Kindness we will draw them, they will know You by Your Love. Do You in the Lord DR. LOWSKI, if GOD is pleased, then everyone else should be well pleased. haters are going to hate, that’s all they know how to do; they’re one-dimensional. ‘Truth will make them free.’ I Love You Much!


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