While King Sleeps

While King Sleeps my mind does it’s own thing, thinking of the purpose outlined in Heaven for my King. I consider all that he is and all that he will be as a Child of God, a Man, a Son, a Student, an Athlete, a Scientist, or Judge! The lover of some amazingly honest & loyal young girl, an incredibly handsome & capable gift to this world.

As parents I trust that it is while our child is sleeping that we think of how beautifully made they are.

There’s a sentiment that comes over me, while King sleeps. When he’s awake he’s vibrant, he’s energetic and in full-motion, he’s demanding, he’s talkative and causing commotion. But while King sleeps, there’s peace in his being, like he’s visiting Heaven and is not considering leaving. There’s a calm in his position, his limbs are free. He sleeps on his back, just like me.

While King sleeps. . he looks more like his father, his eye-lashes long and he even appears a bit taller.  Deep, dark skin, so smoothly about, slight snores here and there and an always opened mouth. While King sleeps. . I think all the bad in the world, ceases to be, I can hardly believe the blessing, that lies before me, for a few short minutes everything is exactly the way it should be. . While King Sleeps. .

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