Nope, I’m not a Normal Mom!

Whenever I share my story with others, they’re most times impressed. Impressed by how I haven’t given up, how I am overcoming odds, and impressed by how I seem to handle being a single parent & PhD student very well. In my mind I’d always think to myself, I’m just a normal Mom! Now more than ever, I realize how untrue my thoughts were.

I’m NOT a normal Mom. I don’t know what a normal Mom is. Society may say a normal Mom is a middle-aged working/stay at home woman. A wife. A female parent who cooks dinner, washes clothes and teaches her kids manners, morals and integrity-maybe.

I took my son on a cruise this past weekend. We toured the boat and traveled around Mexico. A few adults said, “I’d never bring my kid. Don’t you wanna party!?some said, “Oh how sweet, it’s just you two!?” Some were impressed with how well-behaved he was. Others looked shocked at how well-behaved he was NOT! – -others just looked. . . in amazement, in confusion, in question, as we walked and talked and took pictures and made jokes- and I thought to myself again, goodness, I’m not a normal Mom.


On top of the (some say) typical duties like, cooking breakfast, packing lunches, cheering at games, attending PTA meetings, doing laundry, scheduling appointments and teaching morals & values- I’m working toward a PhD, full time! I am a member of at least four on-campus organizations, a couple of national organizations and I work. I had a child out of wedlock at 19 years old & I’ve never taken a break from educational attainment. I’m hard on my 7 yr old. I send him to daycare. I play football with my child and challenge him academically, socially and spiritually. I’m the kind of Mom I want to be, the kind of Mom I am proud to be, the kind of Mom he loves and appreciates.

So nope, I guess I’m not a normal Mom, and I no longer give a damn! I don’t want to be normal anyhow! Hell, quite frankly, I couldn’t be if I wanted to. To all the Moms out there reading this, be the BEST Mom you can be to your child, doing all you can, when you can and how you can, with what you can.

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