Why You Hate Black Women!

The truth is, Black men don’t hate Black women and Black women don’t hate Black men. Not as a whole anyway. We have a few select individuals of color that we strongly despise, but hate, we reserve that for those who dwell in hateful spaces.

  Sometimes they think they do, but they don’t. The frustration and irritation that we Black women sometime bring upon Black men causes them to despise and resent us, temporarily. We annoy them with our encouragement, we overwhelm them with our love, we suffocate them with our expectations, we cause their ears to ring with our nagging & many times we are unrealistic in our requests.

-Sometimes we do this to irritate them. Sometimes we do this out of love. Sometimes we do this as a warning. Sometimes we are trying to help. . sometimes we are tired of helping.

-Sometimes they already know! Sometimes they don’t want to hear it! Sometimes it hurts worse coming from you, and sometimes they’ve just heard it and had enough!

As a people, we must come to the place where our love for one another, Black men and women alike, is consistent, respectable, unconditional and mutual. We owe one another at least that much, minimum.We know just what one another endures, requires, wants & has the potential to be. There’s a unique relationship shared between us. . . the way we love, the way we make love, the way we encourage, support and uplift one another, the way we vibe–it’s unique to us. (At the same token, the way we can tear one another apart, is just as unique in nature. We have to stop doing this!)

So! -if you wanted to be treated like a King, first, ACT LIKE ONE! And secondly, treat her like a Queen. Ladies, if you want to be treated like a Queen, first ACT LIKE ONE! And secondly, treat him like a King.

My brother, you don’t hate me. You love the very woman that I am, the very color that covers me, and the very place that I originated, and I -I love everything about you. The curve of your lips, the structure of your jaw-line, the make-up of your distinct characteristics, your evenly brown skin, your piercing brown eyes, I do not hate you, King- – you’re a grand reflection of all the things that I truly adore.


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