Daddy. . .

On today I find it right,To equally honor,

All the good Dads, of us sons and daughters!

Thank you, Daddy!

For being there in ways that mom cannot, For providing and guiding and disciplining a lot,

For working yourself over, even when you’re under-paid, And saying no ten times, then giving us our way,

For not only giving the seed, But providing what’s needed to help it grow,

For having the most sincere and yet stern way of saying no!

This one’s for you, Daddy. . .

I appreciate you never saying, “I told you so!” And replacing my given name with “Princess Beautiful”,

For providing an example of what men should do, And being man enough to admit,You make mistakes too,

For watching me close, And giving your all. For picking me up every time I fall,

For loving me hard, And supporting my dreams, For participating in tea parties, And other girly things!

This is for you Daddy…..

I love you, Daddy!

You went without, so that I could have, Always giving me more, than you ever had,

For painting my nails and doing your best with my hair, On the days when Momma could not be there,

For letting me run, jump and be loud, Not treating me like a girl, but equally to my brother, as a child,

And no matter how many times I failed you, Remaining proud.

Thanks Dad, for letting me freely be me, Play in the dirt, Fish in my favorite skirt, And being all that I need when I’m perplexed or hurt.

This is for you, Daddy.

I respect and admire you, Daddy For trusting my growing process,

Always encouraging development, And weeding out nonsense,

For seeing me in such an infallible way, And being the light and the strength,

I need day to day, for being faithful to me

Your unfaithful daughter, And every time I fall short,

It seems to me, you love harder. . . thank you, Daddy!

Today I celebrate and shed love abroad to all of the Dads who make an undeniable impact on the lives of their children. We love you and thank God for you.

To my handsome and relentless Father, Mr. Mark B, My Old-Man, Father-Time, I adore you Daddy. You are the brightest (and most stubborn) man I have ever met. Everything about my education I dedicate to you. Everything that I strive to be as a woman & academic, is largely due to your parenting. I am truly grateful to you! The man that you are, unapologetic, flaws & all, shaped me into a woman that we can both be proud of. I am so proud to be your daughter.

To my Pastor, the most beautiful, honest and dedicated servant God has ever created, because of you, I am spiritually rich. I am connected with God and I am walking in my purpose. You used the light that God gave you and you lead me out of darkness. I love you forever!

To my God-Dad, Papa Smoak, the perfect balance of challenge & support, I learned what it meant to truly value myself because you refused to allow me to devalue myself. You refused to stand-by and allow me to make permanent decisions based off of temporary emotions, you are loved and appreciated, for being everything good, all of the time.

An especially great big THANKS to God on today. He loves me unconditionally  in a world full of hate. And has been my flashlight in a life full of darkness. To those who are without Fathers, for whatever reason, I pray you find light and love in the men you surround yourself with: mentors, pastors, teachers, brothers. Sending virtual hugs & kisses to all.

Happy Father’s Day!

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