It Takes Two: A Final Plea to my Brother


I know I’ve been a bit distant, but I’ve been thinking about things. Working to combat and overcome, racist happenings. I moved away, I came up but I’m still ya brother. We in two different states, but not that different from each other.

Brother I know you struggle, I just choose to move different, not because I’m better or smarter but because I took the same money I grind for, and applied it to my interests. Yes I’m book educated, and you’re street smart, but we come from the same womb, don’t let this tear us apart. I don’t look down on you, I just know you can do better. I’m not writing to judge you, just thought you’d better receive my thoughts by letter.

Brother, last time I reached out, our exchange caused damage. It’s been hard moving forth, but somehow we’ve managed. This letter I hope, will help you finally hear me. No yelling, no threats. Just this pen and this paper, hoping what I’m writing resonates, and my words gain favor.

Brother I’m writing this letter because my voice is null and void. I’ve reached out to Mama and Papa and our favorite cousin Lloyd. I’ve sent mailers and DMs, I even came by the shop. I pulled up to Rolanda’s every day til she asked me to stop. I wrote you on Facebook and text you three times. . I figure you didn’t want to talk, but I can’t hold this inside….

Brother. . I’ve got a bone to pick with you. I don’t like you disrespecting moms and this pain you’re taking her through. I don’t like you sellin drugs, I heard you usin em too. . . you were raised better than that, you know what to do. I don’t like you going to jail or raising hell, using other people, when you know good and damn well, you’ve got the smarts, you’ve got the moves, and you’ve got the potential, just because it’s a little harder to come by don’t mean you settle.. Stop neglectin’ your mental. .  . .
Brother, sometimes I feel like I’m talking to a brick wall, you ignore my shout-outs and screen my calls. Sometime you text back, but it’s never about business, you think a few I miss yous is going to dismiss–the pain, the disrespect the inconsistencies, I don’t want to rain on your parade, but you’ve been dissin’ ME. Every time you take my kindness for weakness it’s a slap in the face, but you wanna play victim when things don’t go your way.
Brother, I’m writing from afar, and it hurts me to my core, to know my favorite person in the world don’t understand love & loyalty no-more. You used to be my hero, my best friend, my teacher, but the closer you get to home, the harder it is to reach ya….
Brother. . .this here, is my final plea. You don’t gotta like or even support me. But at least get back to the love and life we both know…the one we talked about living as kids, we swore we’d boss up when we were grown. Brother. . . I know you’d wish I’d forget all that, and let you be the man you choose to be. But what I’m trying to show you is you’re not that different from me. I’m screaming now… can you hear the hurt in my voice? This man you aim to be, CANNOT be your choice! You’re telling me that you choose to be the man on the losing side of the game…? The man with no plan? The man with no respective name.
Brother, I love you. I pray it comes across in my letter. That you mean the world to me and I only want you to do better. If we never talk again, and I’m forced to rest my case, know that I understand your heart, but that don’t mean it’s okay. Know that I’ll always challenge you, to get back to the days, when your heart was pure and you refused to go against the grain. When the person you looked to, was the one who lead the way, and everybody else, followed the trail you blazed…When you couldn’t be moved and you couldn’t be played, when your mind was solid and you were steadfast in your ways. . .. That’s the you that I miss and that’s the you that I love. I won’t fail, I won’t fake it and I’ll never give up. . . on you. Brother. . .
*This piece was written & submitted to the blog.If you’d like to contribute a piece of your work to the blog, please send us an email.

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