Paintiotism v. Patriotism






3 thoughts on “Paintiotism v. Patriotism

  1. Tyree says:

    Very nice. I agree it’s crazy. I actually don’t have pride and dont love this country. I did before but I was blind. How are we free if my people, if i, or if my son are not safe. Not safe walking, not safe driving. Serve and protect has turned into stop and kill.


    • TheKingsDaughter says:

      It’s a blessing that you’ve come to a realization that has allowed room for a paradigm shift. There are so many people afraid of seeing the truth that stares back at them each day, b/c it’s comfortable to function within the master’s framework…. it takes kingdom/queendom minded individual to face reality, make changes, and create functions that are conducive to their progress and purpose. Us as people of color don’t have a safe space in this country. . . we’ve got to #staywoke. Thanks for sharing king, be encouraged !


  2. says:

    Excellently, Eloquently, and Very Truthfully said my LADY/ESQUIRE BOOSKI! I Totally Agree! For far too long the very things that this country was built upon is the very samethings used to ‘try’ to silence Truth. Murder, manipulation, discrimination, dehumanization, deceit, thief, slavery and rewriting of history. This is what was and is still going on in this country; now it is just in the form of legalized capitalism. The prison system is now the new legalized slave trade. Also the law enforcement and judicial system are working together to systematically murder and permanently remove Our Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princess from Our Families and Communities. And it seems as if this country does not care at all; it’s because this country is more concerned about hypocrisy and rhetoric such as patriotism. When the last time I checked GOD is the ONLY one who has the Authority to kill anyone who He feels like; but He’s not doing that. So why does law enforcement think they have the right or authority to do so, because of racism? They are breaking the law, and are murderers, period. Kaepernick is doing something noble, and is standing up for justice for those who have been killed in hate. Anyone who is speaking out against Him is in agreement with the hate that He is speaking out against. And that might make them a racist just like those same murderers of so many of Our People. What Are Your Lens Showing You About The Truth?!
    Keep Everyone Awoke and Their Minds Elevated, I Love You Much, Pops.

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