Melanin & Me

There’s an on-going debate, that may not ever end, but I’m a firm believer in educating the ignorant. If you’re supporting an on-going debate of #TeamLightSkin vs #TeamDarkSkin, you’re indeed a part of the problem, yes YOU are!

This debate started hundreds of years ago, when slave owners raped Black women and produced lighter skinned children. Those children became house slaves and some of them, depending on how light their complexion, could pass as a White person. The lighter skinned children often times were treated better and given priority consideration because they were the seed of the slave master… Continuing this debate reproduces the slave-master’s intention to divide & conquer.

Melanin is the determinant of skin complexion.

I thank God for the perfect dose of melanin, and you should too,

Regardless of how light or how dark, you’re perfectly you,

I’m a deep, golden brown in the summer, but a light butter pecan in the fall,

My baby sister is consistently chocolate, she doesn’t mind it at all,

My mother is what you’d call high-yellow,

But no mistake about it, she’s Black,

We have a long line of different complexions, but we’re collectively ALL THAT!

Don’t allow the ignorance of others, to produce further abuse,

I was told the blacker the berry. . .the sweeter the juice!

Your melanin is on fleek!

Whether you have a lot or a little,

I don’t entertain the debate,

But they say brown girls are in the middle,

Keep in mind that race, is a social construct,

That means the White man implemented this notion,

To control color conduct.

They tell you “You’re pretty for a dark skin girl”,

And you think they’re being nice,

But what they’re really saying is, “You’re Black as hell, but cute, so it’s alright”,

Don’t allow them to play games with you,

Or determine how you feel about your skin,

There’s a hidden secret about the truth, and it’s that MELANIN IS IN!

The next time they tell you,You’re too dark, or too light,

Tell them “God don’t make mistakes, & my dose of melanin is just right!”


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