I’ve been there sweetheart, it gets better !

I am not sure when I became a mentor…. I guess somewhere between wanting to be one and working with young women who needed one. I can’t thank God enough for the position he’s been allowing me to play in the lives of some of the coolest young women on the planet. I’m inspired by them…motivated by them & so very proud of them. They’re so much smarter than I was at their age.

Still though, I see them through some of their mistakes, heartbreaks and circumstances. I’ve told them time and time again, “I’ve been there sweetheart, it gets better” I think most of them believe me.

Today I’m telling all of you young teen Queens, “I’ve been there sweetheart, it gets better” -the make-up to break-up, the hurt, the pain, the bad day, the shame. . . it ALL gets better. Growing up I wasn’t the smartest young lady when it came to the men I dated. I wasn’t the smartest young lady when it came to the guys that I slept with. I wasn’t the smartest young lady when it came to the decisions that I made. People assumed because I got good grades that I was smart, but in reality, there was a lack of value that I had assigned to myself, and I didn’t even know it. I didn’t hang with people who were healthy for me. I didn’t always focus on things that were beneficial to me. It wasn’t until I started to grow in God, and grow as a woman, and mother and honestly WANT something different for my life, that I actually started to make changes.

As young women, sometimes we feel so helpless. We don’t understand the true power that we hold. We sometimes fail to hold ourselves to higher standards. When we do, things change. We become happier beings, we share positivity with the world and we blossom as women. We actually look in the mirror and like who and what we see.The people that we should’ve been listening to, we tuned out. And the people we should never take advice from, we looked to. We make mistakes, we fall, we cry, we apologize, we fail, and after we’re sick and tired of hurting ourselves and the ones around us, we get up, dust ourselves off, redirect our focus, and then, it gets better.

I wanted someone to tell me that when I was your age. I wanted someone to be honest with me, someone who I thought understood. I write to you a better, older and wiser woman, because it got better….

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