Becoming. . . .

The Ph.D., for me at least, was for choice, permission, and flexibility. It was to give myself permission to excel, to rest, to research, to teach, to lead, to b e c o m e. Sometimes we wait for a challenge when all along the greatest one we'll ever face is the one to BECOME our greatest selves.

Like Metal to a Magnet. . .

There's been much said about the power of the tongue. There's been much said about the power of speaking good things & trusting that you are deserving of good things. At Queens Do Things we believe in the power of manifestation and how God allows the universe and our intentions to align when we're walking … Continue reading Like Metal to a Magnet. . .

Living Room, Classroom, Board Room: Turning Promises & Plans into Progress

"When we consider the design for our lives, I think it is important to note that the thoughts that live inside of our minds inform our reality, which help to shape our perception, which determines our altitude. If we're not willing to challenge and redirect those thoughts so that they are healthy, critical, warm, forgiving, calming and open (among other things), we run the risk of failing ourselves. We run the risk of being trapped in our metaphorical or literal living rooms. When that happens the classroom and boardroom--or whatever room you hope to one day enter or create--becomes smaller and smaller. And the detrimental thing about entering small, cramped, one-sided spaces, is that there is no room to go or grow."