Welcome to Queens Do Things, The Blog


The first step to a life well lived is finding the people, places and things that connect with and edify your spirit. Many of us spend too little time seeking those things & we inadvertently fill our lives with the things and people we don’t need and in places we don’t like. In creating Queens Do Things, The Blog, it is my intent to serve as a landing place for those who are lost, those who are seeking, rebuilding and working to become better versions of themselves.

Growing up I didn’t feel connected to women who led lives similar to the one I hoped to one day lead. A life that was well-balanced, healthy, progressive, adventurous and purposeful. I didn’t see women tapping into their gifts and using those gifts to their advantage. I didn’t see them using their gifts to create, build and progress community, but I knew they could! As a woman of color, I know I come from a community of women with so much to offer, this blog is a place for them to do so!

This site doesn’t have all of the answers. Me and my co-contributors don’t pretend to know everything or to do everything right.  We only intend to share our stories in hopes of helping those walking alongside us and behind us. We think it’s important for women, especially those of color, to document our stories, our journeys, our highs, our lows, our thoughts, and all that we are and all that we experience, so that we are not left with bits and pieces of ourselves confined, shaped and defined in the words of other people.

I hope you find this online community a space of healing, a space of authenticity and a space of growth. I expect for this platform to be a foundation for followers & visitors to learn, empower, teach, triumph, edify and repeat. I  hope you enjoy the blog posts and invite you to connect with us by subscribing to the site and connecting with us on social media. Links to our accounts are embedded within the site.

This welcome is my invitation to you. I invite you to journey with us, to learn with us, to grow with us, to go with us. Purpose is calling. . . .

Join & Enjoy!

– – Marquisha♥

Creator & Founder of Queens Do Things, The Blog